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Meet Bart Patel

The decision to run for the El Monte City Council this year was based on many, many factors, but the biggest was my sense of responsibility and commitment to give back to a community that has been good to me my entire life.


I live my life by some of the great elements I’ve learned from others. I truly believe that earth's great treasure lies in human personality and that service to humanity is the best work of life.


El Monte is my home, my four kids attend the same schools I did as a child and young man, my wife Anita and I love this town and want it to become the paradise we all seek. But our city spends more money than it takes in and it needs the kind of financial oversight I can bring to the El Monte City Council as an accountant and a long-time business owner. I will make sure El Monte doesn’t over-spend its budget again as the current council did two years ago, creating a $12-million deficit.


Many people don’t realize that the City of El Monte is the 9th largest city in Los Angeles County with a population exceeding 120,000. We are one of the oldest communities in California, having been founded in 1849, a year BEFORE California became a state. Although there are 87 other cities in L.A. County, El Monte is unique in that it sits in the middle of four interstate highways, and also has a general aviation airport and one of the largest bus, train, car pool, and auto transit centers in America.


Our city is also home to both the largest Lexus and Toyota dealers in the world, generating about
$30-million per year in revenue for our city and we’re still in financial trouble. We have a lot of good things happening in El Monte but we also face great economic pressures that threaten our ability to maintain the level of city services, pay the city’s bills, and help the city and its residents prosper.

My Platform to Make a Difference in El Monte:

  • I’m committed to work on the council to maintain good city services without increasing taxes. I’ll make sure we don’t over-spend our city budget.
  • The city’s money matters will get the same heavy scrutiny my successful business gets.
  • Our business community is key to El Monte’s vitality and growth and I will support it.
  • I will work to attract revenue by being business friendly, fast-tracking worthy job-creating projects, and building a solid tax base.
  • City council is a part-time job, but I will work around the clock to serve you and our city.

How My Work and My Life Reflects How I’ll Serve You:

My family has owned the America’s Best Value Inn and Suites on Garvey at 5-points for 16 years. We have employed hundreds of local El Monte residents, and I have been actively promoting tourism for all El Monte because it’s not only good for my business, it’s good for the rest of the city. It generates badly-needed revenues for our city treasury.


Our hotel was the first to develop a plan to donate room nights to the police department so it can help families who are left temporarily homeless from fires or other disasters. Since it began in 2006, the “Helping Hands Program” has donated over $32,000 worth of room night city-wide. My family and I believe we have a responsibility not only to operate a good business, but to give back to the people of El Monte whenever possible.


Like many of us, I thrive on challenges and an intensity to achieve the impossible beyond business and community. Last year, I was honored and blessed to have been named the “Family Hotelier of the Year” in the United States by Proctor and Gamble. I also achieved a personal milestone in 2009 by climbing to the 19,400-foot summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, a rare feat for any serious mountain climber.


While all these opportunities are fun, it’s important to not just balance successful business and community involvement, but to make sure my family remains my top priority.

How I have served El Monte:

I have been active in many organizations and events in El Monte like so many of you. I have also served in the following capacities in our beautiful city’s internal government operations as a volunteer:

  • El Monte Planning Commission
  • Chairman of the Planning Commission three different times
  • Patriotic Commission
  • Property Maintenance Commission
  • Personnel Appeals Commission

In case you’re not familiar with the important role of the Planning Commission in El Monte, you should know it conducts a thorough review of all proposed residential, commercial, and industrial projects in our city, as well as building issues, zoning issues, and we develop updates to the city’s General Plan.


I wanted to serve my city even more so at my own cost, I enrolled in, and graduated from the well-regarded Rio Hondo Police Academy to become a Reserve El Monte Police Officer and patrol the streets of our city with our brave police officers. Rio Hondo trains all police officers for 86 of the 88 cities in Los Angeles County. The LAPD and the Sheriff have their own academies.


Relations between hotels in town and the police are very important so I helped create the “Hotel-Police Quarterly Meetings” three years ago to create an open dialogue with our police. We now share views on crime statistics and how to deal with difficult police-related issues. This program has created trust and understanding between local and regional hotel stakeholders and the El Monte Police Department.


When elected with your help, I will bring strong leadership to El Monte to create a better image, a stable budget, an even safer city, and that is why I ask for your vote to help and protect our city.


Strong leadership creates a better image, a stable budget, and a better community for each of us. I am committed to the principal that we depend on each other for success and I humbly ask for your support in helping me pave the way for new leadership on the El Monte City Council. Vote on November 3rd.


Bart Patel


There are a number of ways to help out my campaign, from making phone calls to hosting an event. Send an email or call for more information.

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